Brande has been an official place name for more than 800 years and the place name Brande originates from burning of woods and moors in order to farm the land. The church was built in second half of the 1100 century and the town consisted for many years of a handful of farms, a vicarage and clerk´s house only.

Agriculture and the water mills were central for daily life in Brande. The location upon the stream and close to the Ox Road, contributed to Brande´s steady growth due to the good transport possibilities in all directions. Later Brande got it´s own train station, hospital, cinema and technical college.

In the 1940s large amounts of lignite were found at Søby, and Brande grew heavily due to the good job possibilities. The textile and metal industries also contributed very much to Brande's development and are still fundamental for business in Brande.

Today the hospital and the technical college are long gone, but the history of Brande is now part of the logo for the municipality of Ikast-Brande, where the flame is a symbol of the passionated spirits and the entrepreneurship which still characterizes Brande today.


[source: http://www.ikast-brande.dk/om-kommunen/kommunevaaben-og-logo/kommunevaaben]

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